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Microsoft Edge Chromium Testing

Microsoft Edge Chromium - Automated Selenium Testing
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The new Microsoft Edge is a browser based on Chromium and was released on January 15, 2020. It is available on both Windows and macOS.

As it's built upon the Chromium browser engine, it also provides a Microsoft Edge WebDriver very similar the chromedriver.

We have updated our systems to include the most recent stable version (79 at time of writing), available on our Windows 10 + macOS Mojave VMs.

Automated Testing on Microsoft Edge Chromium

To get started, all you need to do is make sure the desired capabilities of your test are set correctly:

array("platform"=>"WIN10", "browserName"=>"microsoftedge", "version" => "79");

You will receive screenshots, logs and a video of your automated test, running on Microsoft Edge 79.

Manual Testing on Microsoft Edge Chromium

To get started, simply choose Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 or macOS Mojave in our Live Testing section.

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