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Physical Device Testing

Launching Real Mobile Device Testing
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Real Mobile Testing

We're happy to announce the launch of our Real Device Testing feature on TestingBot.

These iOS and Android phones and tablets are now connected to our Selenium grid, waiting for you to run tests.

Testing on Real Devices

These are real, untampered phones, coming straight from the store. Plugged into our custom made rack solution.

During your test, TestingBot will automatically record the screen of the device and gather metrics and logs of the device under test.

Once your test is complete, you can see test results, together with these other test assets (videos, screenshots, logs, ...) from our TestingBot Dashboard or via our API.

Our devices are accessible via Selenium (through Appium), so you can run your existing Selenium WebDriver scripts straight on these devices.

Why Real Devices?

These last couple of years, TestingBot has been offering Android Emulators and iOS Simulators. These work very well for Automated/Manual testing, as they accurately represent a device.

Real Device testing means you test on an actual device, so no emulated or simulated device. This way you're 100% sure that your app or website works on the devices that your customers use.

As you're no longer emulating or simulating a device, tests will start up much faster, as they no longer have to wait for the Simulator or Emulator to boot up.

Getting Started

We have updated our documentation with examples on how to run your first web or app test on a real device.

If you're looking to test your mobile app (iOS .ipa or Android .apk), then it's important to make sure your app is built correctly.

Once you've made sure your app is correctly built, you can upload your app to our TestingBot Storage.
This makes sure our devices can quickly and easily access your app.

Now you're ready to start your first test on an iOS or Android device. We've compiled some easy to follow examples that you can copy/paste to run your first test.

As this is a newly launched feature, this functionality is not yet available during free trial. If you're a paying customer, you automatically get access to our real devices.

Live Device Testing

Live Manual Testing is now also available for Real iOS and Android devices.
Watch and control a real mobile device, straight from your own browser, without installing any program.
Tap and swipe like you would on a device in your hand. We record a video, collect logs and offer screenshot functionality.

Upload and test your mobile app on any of our real devices.

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