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TestingBot and ScriptWorks integration: Codeless Automated Testing

TestingBot and ScriptWorks integration: Codeless Automated Testing

ScriptWorks offers an online service making it easy to create automated tests without any coding knowledge.

Today they have added an integration with TestingBot. Tests created with ScriptWorks can now run on the TestingBot Selenium cloud with the click of a button.

Some of the advantages that ScriptWorks offers:

  • Simple - Browser based Drag-drop visual test authoring interface.
  • Flexible - Modular, extensible and allows complex script flow structures.
  • Run anywhere, Run concurrently. Fully leverage TestingBot concurrent execution capability to dramatically increase test throughput in CI.
  • Smart Selector Technology – no brittle XPath/CSS selector maintenance.

With the service, everyone can easily create automated tests, even manual testers with no experience in coding.

Interested in trying? See the ScriptWorks - TestingBot documentation

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