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NodeJS and Selenium

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Today we've added support for NodeJS Selenium testing on our Selenium grid. Installation of our plugin is easy by using NPM (Node Package Manager).

To install our plugin, please run: npm install testingbot

A simple example of a NodeJS test:

var soda = require('soda')
, assert = require('assert');

var browser = soda.createTestingBotClient({
'url': 'http://www.google.com'
, 'os': 'Windows'
, 'browser': 'iexplore'
, 'browser-version': '8'
, 'max-duration': 300 // 5 minutes


// Log commands as they are fired

browser.on('command', function(cmd, args){
console.log(' \x1b[33m%s\x1b[0m: %s', cmd, args.join(', '));

browser.testComplete(function() {
    if (err) throw err;

To read more about our NodeJS plugin, please take a look at our support pages: https://testingbot.com/support/getting-started/nodejs.html

The repository of our NodeJS plugin is located on GitHub: https://github.com/testingbot/soda

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