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OS X Testing with Selenium WebDriver


Currently we are the only company providing OS X support to our customers. When you run a test on one of our Mac nodes, we reserve a dedicated VM running OS X Lion on a beefy Mac Pro running VMWare.

These last few weeks, we've made quite a few optimisations on OS X to improve overall testing, here's what we've done:

Added OS X Safari 6 with WebDriver

This week we've added Safari 6 Mac OS X to our list of supported browsers. With 58 browser/OS combinations, we've got most of the combinations covered.

Next to Safari 6, we also provide Safari 5 on Mac OS X Lion and Windows. Yesterday we have added support for our Tunnel to Safari WebDriver, which means you can now run tests against Safari 5 and Safari 6 from your local network. Our Tunnel is now supported with all browser combinations, even with iPhone/iPad and Android emulators.

Improved iOS Testing

We've learned from extensive testing with the iOS simulator that the simulator sometimes acts strangely. After a lot of debugging and fixing, we've come at a point where we think running tests on iOS is finally stable.

More browser combinations

You can now run tests with Firefox 3-14, Chrome, Opera and Safari 5+6 on a Lion instance.

Future optimisations

We'll be upgrading our nodes to OS X Mountain Lion and add better Opera support in the next few weeks.

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