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TestingBot extends its cloud to Europe



We're excited to announce that starting from today, our customers can choose to either run their tests on our existing US cloud or on our new European based cloud!

With this new datacenter in Europe (Ireland), we'll provide faster test times for our customers residing in Europe.
A quick comparison on the difference in latency when residing in Europe:

LocationPing Result

36.454 ms

96.838 ms

For testers residing in Europe, using our European cloud will mean a decrease in latency of over 50%!

The service and features we provide are identical across both clouds. When running a test in Europe, your request will only go through European servers to guarantee maximum speed.
Our Tunnel has been updated to provide a "region" option, which means you can choose to run your local tests through a European or US based pristine tunnel.

To get started, all you need to do is use our European Selenium Grid, which runs on: europe.testingbot.com on ports 4444 and 80.
More information and examples are available on our Europe page.

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