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Run tests on iOS 18

Test your website and mobile apps on iOS 18.
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With the preview release of macOS Sequoia testing, TestingBot now also supports running automated, manual and visual tests against iOS 18 Simulators!

By releasing iOS 18 beta simulators, you can already start testing your website and mobile apps on the upcoming iOS 18 release later this year.

While iOS 18 is still in beta, there are some features we already know will be in the final iOS 18 release.

Mobile Safari 18 changes

Below is a quick overview of the changes on Safari with iOS 18.

Mobile Safari Highlights

Both iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia will contain a new feature called Highlights. This AI feature by Apple will automatically show relevant information of the current page in your mobile Safari browser.

The Reader feature on iOS has been improved. A table of contents and a high-level summary will automatically be generated in reader mode. This feature gives the reader a quick overview of the article.

New look for app icons

App icons will now support dark mode with their own Dark look. Users will be able to tint app icons with any color they want.

Next to mirroring, your iPhone notifications will now show up on your macOS machine. Dragging and dropping files between your Mac and iOS device will now work as well.

Locked and hidden apps

iOS 18 will allow users to protect sensitive apps, by hiding the apps or requiring Face ID when trying to open the app.

Control Center update

The Control Center has been redesigned, with new groups of controls. You can add more controls from the Controls gallery, allowing you to customize this view.

There are many more iOS 18 changes with tons of bug fixes. Xcode 16 will be required to work with iOS 18.

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