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Integrating Selenium testing with Slack

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Good news for all Slack users: TestingBot now has its own Slack App which can be added to your Slack Workspace.

You can immediately head over to the TestingBot Slack App to install it in your workspace, or continue reading to learn more about this new integration.


Once you've added the TestingBot app to your Slack workspace, these features will become available:

  • Our Slack Bot can post when a test finishes, succeeds or fails. For example: as soon as a test fails, our bot will post to the Slack channel you specified.

    The notification will include test meta-data and a direct link to the test where you can see a video recording, logs and screenshots of the test.

  • Slash commands: see Test Analytics, Builds and other test-metadata straight from inside Slack.
  • Unfurl URLs: paste a TestingBot test URL in your Slack channel and our bot will add extra meta-data to the post.
  • Share test-results with other Slack members.
  • Chat with our Slack TestingBot App.

Getting Started

If you're interested in using our Slack Integration, please log into your TestingBot.com account and go to Integrations.

From there you can add our Slack App and modify settings.

More information

To read more detailed information about this topic, please go to our Slack Integration support page.

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