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TestingBot Analytics

TestingBot has improved its Analytics Offering
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TestingBot has long been providing Analytics to its users, where metrics are both visualised and available in table format.

Recently we've been working on improving this. We're excited to tell you about a couple of new features available in our Analytics offering.

Test Insights

For each test you run, we'll now offer more detailed analytics about the previous test runs for this test.
If you've been running the same test for weeks or months, we'll now display a scatter plot. This is a great way to visualize how your test has been doing with regards to performance and flakiness over time.

Besides this scatter plot, we'll also offer other meaningful insights such as:

  • Total Runs: how many times you've run this test in the past.
  • Total Failures: how many times in the past did this test fail.
  • Fastest Runtime: how many seconds did the fastest run of this test take in the past.
  • Slowest Runtime: how many seconds was the slowest execution of this test in the past.

To give it a try, please run the same test a couple of times, annotating the test with the same name.

More information is available on our Tests Insights Documentation page.

Build Insights

Builds are a great way to group a set of tests. This is typically used in a CI/CD environment, where you run a bunch of tests before/after deploying.

With our latest addition, we'll show you an efficiency percentage, indicating how well the tests for your build have been using parallelization. One of the advantages of using TestingBot is its concurrency: run multiple tests simultaneously to drastically shorten the total time required to run all your tests.

For more information, please visit the Builds Insights Documentation page.

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