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What's new with Selenium IDE

The New Selenium IDE
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The popular Selenium IDE recently got a much anticipated update.
The Selenium IDE is an important feature in the Selenium ecosystem; it allows you to record and playback interactions in your browser.

The previous version was only available as a Firefox addon, whereas the new version comes as both a Firefox addon and Chrome addon.

This new version includes features from the previous version:

  • Record and play back your own interactions
  • Use assertions to check if: elements are available/visible/contain a specific value, ...
  • Save and load previous tests
  • Export tests as WebDriver tests

as well as new features:

  • Various alternatives are saved for locators, to make tests more robust
  • New commands have been added
  • It's now possible to use plugins to customize the IDE to your liking

Selenium IDE Integration with TestingBot

TestingBot has supported uploading test cases from the original Selenium IDE to the TestLab for several years now.
Today, TestingBot also supports tests created with the new Selenium IDE.
Simply save a test as a .side extension and upload it to our TestLab.

Once uploaded, you can indicate on which browsers/platforms the test needs to run, and at which times.
You can choose to be alerted when a test fails, or receive a daily report of your test together with screenshots and a video.

Selenium IDE Runner

Another exciting addition to the Selenium IDE feature is the new Selenium IDE Runner.
This Node package allows you to play back tests recorded with the Selenium IDE via the command line.

Here's an example on how to run a saved test on TestingBot:

npm install -g selenium-side-runner
selenium-side-runner --server https://key:secret@hub.testingbot.com/wd/hub -c "browserName=chrome platform=WIN10 version=latest" *.side

In this WebCast some more information regarding the new Selenium IDE is explained.

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