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Free Automated Testing for Open Source Projects


We love Open-Source projects at TestingBot! Some of the components powering our service are using Open-Source projects. That's why we decided to create a custom, free plan, for running tests in open source projects.

If you're a maintainer or contributor of an open-source project and are looking to run automated browser/device tests for your project, then TestingBot is happy to offer you a free Unlimited account with 5 concurrent VMs.

All you need to do is sign up for a free trial account, go to our open-source page and fill in your project's repository URL and description.

Once activated, your project can use TestingBot's extensive Selenium grid to run automated tests for free.

You will have access to all the features, including video screen recording, screenshots, logs and other meta-data.

We've also added documentation on how to use TestingBot with Continuous Integration systems like Travis CI and Circle CI, which you can use on for example GitHub.

In exchange for this free service, we ask that you agree to make your test results publicly accessible, so that other contributors and people interested in the project can see the test results.

Happy (open-source) testing!

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