Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with TestingBot's latest product updates.


Firefox Quantum 60

Firefox Quantum 60 is now available for Automated, Live and Visual Testing.

Enjoy testing on Mozilla's latest Firefox!


Microsoft Edge 17

With the new Windows 10 update April 2018 (1803) comes an updated Microsoft Edge version, version 17.

This version is now available on TestingBot for Automated, Live and Visual Testing.

Changes in this new version include:

  • Mute tabs with a click
  • Automatically fill forms and credit card details
  • Better reading with annotations, grammar tools, and more
  • Clutter-free printing
  • Improved support for touchpad gestures
  • Offline web sites and push notifications
  • New features for Extensions
  • Better Performance

EOL Windows XP

Due to low usage of Windows XP testing, TestingBot will discontinue providing Windows XP for testing.

Please review your tests, and if necessary please change the desired capabilities of your tests to a newer platform (VISTA, WIN8, WIN8_1, WIN10, ...).


Chrome 66 now Available for Testing

Today Chrome 66 was released to the general public.

We've added Chrome 66 to all our platforms. You can now run Automated, Live and Screenshot tests on the latest Chrome version.


iOS 11.3 Now Available

We've added iOS 11.3 to our Automated/Manual/Screenshot Testing.

To get started, you can:

  • Log in, go to "Live Testing", click iOS 11.3
  • Log in, go to "Screenshot Testing" and select iOS 11.3
  • Start an automated test:
    { :browserName => "safari",
      :version => "11.3",
      :platform => "iOS",
      :deviceName => "iPhone X",
      :platformName => "iOS" }

Tunnel Updated: 2.26

We've upgraded our TestingBot Tunnel to version 2.26.

Changes in version 2.26:

  • Remove incorrect Java version check
  • Remove deprecated features: --boost and --ssl
  • Add option to supply extra HTTP headers during requests
  • Add option to supply basic auth credentials for various hosts, which the tunnel will automatically use
  • Make the --nocache option clearer: Do not cache any HTTP requests

Firefox 59 added to TestingBot

Firefox 59 has been released today and has been added to TestingBot.
Use Firefox 59 for Manual, Automated and Screenshot testing.

Together with this update, we've also added GeckoDriver 0.20.0. This version will be used automatically with Firefox >= 57.


iOS 11.2

iOS 11.2 is now available for Automated, Manual and Visual testing with our iOS emulators.


Firefox 58

Firefox 58 has been added to our list of browsers we currently support.

You can now run Automated, Live and Screenshot tests on Firefox 58.


HAR performance metrics for Chrome

We've added an extra 'Performance' tab on the test detail page for Chrome.
This tab will display a waterfall overview of the network requests made during the test, very similar to Chrome's Developer Tools Network overview.

For Chrome tests, we export a HAR file which contains data about each HTTP request made during the test, including; headers, status-code, timings, etc.


Firefox Quantum Testing

Firefox Quantum (FF 57) was released today, which boasts a 2x faster browser engine!

We've added this new browser to our service. You can now run automated/live/screenshot tests against Firefox Quantum (FF 57).