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TestingBot provides a cloud of browsers to run Automated, Live and Visual browser testing.


Opera Automated Selenium Testing and Manual Browser testing


TestingBot now supports the latest Opera versions for both Automated and Manual Browser Testing.

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Android Marshmallow (6.0) Selenium Testing


TestingBot now offers Android Marshmallow Emulators to run Automated Selenium Tests and Manual tests.

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macOS Sierra Automated and Manual testing


This week, Apple introduced the OS that will replace OS X El Capitan, called macOS Sierra.

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Automated testing of Firefox, Chrome and Safari browser extensions

With Selenium Webdriver, you can run tests on Firefox, Chrome and Safari, all of them equipped with your browser extension.

At TestingBot, we've made this very easy for you!
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Safari Technology Preview: Automated Testing with WebDriver

safari for developers

Safari Technology Preview provides a way to have an early look at the upcoming web technologies in OS X and iOS.

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TestingBot translated in German, Spanish and French


TestingBot is located and operated from the heart of Europe: Belgium. In Europe, we have a great mix of different languages that people speak and understand.

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High availability Selenium Grid

To keep our Selenium grid with over 1500+ real browsers healthy, we use various tools and techniques to monitor and troubleshoot potential problems.

Since we're booting thousands of pristine VMs per day for you to run tests on, and since computers and networks sometimes act weird, this monitoring is essential for us to quickly fix issues and keep our grid of browsers healthy at all times.

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Marionette, the next generation of FirefoxDriver

Starting with Firefox 46, it will no longer be possible to install unsigned extensions with Firefox.

Since Selenium currently uses a Firefox extension to run WebDriver tests on Firefox, this will no longer work once Firefox 46 is released to the public.

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Setting up and maintaining your own Selenium Grid

In this article we'll focus on setting up your own Selenium grid from scratch. A Selenium grid is a collection of browser nodes that are available for automated testing. We'll show you how to set up a Selenium Grid Master (or Hub, or Selenium Server, whichever you want to call it) and how to connect various Selenium Nodes to the grid.

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Working on a real mobile device farm


We are working hard on providing a real mobile-device test lab to our customers.

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