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TestingBot provides a cloud of browsers to run Automated, Live and Visual browser testing.


Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Cross browser testing

Windows 10 is now available on TestingBot to use during both manual and automated testing (Selenium WebDriver). This is the latest OS version available from Microsoft, with all installed updates, running the most recent version of Microsoft Edge.

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Speeding up our TestingBot Tunnel to browser test your internal websites

With our TestingBot Tunnel you can easily and securely test your websites running on your local computer or internal network.

When you download and start the tunnel, the java process makes a call to TestingBot to create a new pristine VM which will act as a proxy between your network and our browser grid.

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New design for our Manual Testing Service

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 5.04.12 PM

Today we're introducing a new design for our Manual Testing Service.

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TestLab: customize e-mail alert & receive recover alerts

Today we've updated our TestLab, where you can upload your Selenium IDE tests and schedule test-runs, with 2 new features.

The first new feature is an optional custom error message. Before, TestingBot sent the error message received from Selenium to your e-mail or phone (SMS text message). Now, you can specify a custom error message for your alerts and use variables like %test_name% or %browser%, which will then be sent to your e-mail or phone.

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Using GIT to automate your browser testing

If you're looking for a way to run tests after each git commit push, you can use the post-commit hook supplied by GIT.

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Keeping our Selenium VMs up to date

At TestingBot we make sure that all VMs running in our network are patched with the latest updates.

We make sure to update our Windows Virtual Machines as soon as possible after Patch Tuesday, when Microsoft releases new Windows updates.

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How we make our interactive testing super fast

At TestingBot, we like our users to profit from fast access to our VMs.

In our manual testing area, we provide a way to pick an Operating System, Browser and browser version.
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2014 for TestingBot

As we're approaching the end of 2014, we like to list a few goals TestingBot achieved this year:
  • The number of paying customers increased by 43% in 2014.
  • We improved our manual testing software: less latencies, higher responsiveness and better quality when controlling one of our browsers with your mouse.

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Run tests against any Selenium version

Our Selenium grid now supports running your Selenium tests with a different version of Selenium.

By default, we always run your tests on Selenium 2.53.1, to ensure maximum performance and stability.

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TestingBot has moved to its own cloud!

private cloud

Ever since we started TestingBot (almost 2 years ago!) we've been running TestingBot on Amazon AWS (EC2 + S3 + other services).

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