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TestingBot provides a cloud of browsers to run Automated, Live and Visual browser testing.


2014 for TestingBot

As we're approaching the end of 2014, we like to list a few goals TestingBot achieved this year:
  • The number of paying customers increased by 43% in 2014.
  • We improved our manual testing software: less latencies, higher responsiveness and better quality when controlling one of our browsers with your mouse.

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Run tests against any Selenium version

Our Selenium grid now supports running your Selenium tests with an older version of Selenium. By default, we always run your tests on the most recent version of Selenium, to ensure maximum performance and stability. Some customers however like to run their tests on an older version of Selenium, this is now possible by specifying the desired Selenium version in the desired capabilities option.
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TestingBot has moved to its own cloud!

private cloud Ever since we started TestingBot (almost 2 years ago!) we've been running TestingBot on Amazon AWS (EC2 + S3 + other services). These last few months however, we've been moving everything from Amazon to our own private cloud.
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TestingBot open-sources NodeJS based Selenium grid

node-js-S Today we've released our NodeJS code which runs our Selenium hub. This code has been running in production for over 11 months now on a single CPU server for all our customers.
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Manual Cross Browser Testing

uii Today we're happy to announce the launch of a new feature: live manual testing. With this new feature you can interact with any browser in our cloud, straight from inside your own browser.
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TestingBot extends its cloud to Europe

europe We're excited to announce that starting from today, our customers can choose to either run their tests on our existing US cloud or on our new European based cloud! With this new datacenter in Europe (Ireland), we'll provide faster test times for our customers residing in Europe.
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Screen resolution option now available for all Selenium tests

resolution You can now specify a custom screen resolution when running any Selenium test on our grid. TestingBot can now modify the screen-resolution on Windows, Linux and Mac!
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Appium testing on TestingBot: automated hybrid/native iOS testing.

appium test With Appium on TestingBot you can now run WebDriver tests against hybrid and native iOS apps. There's no need to do anything special to your iOS app, just supply an URL to the zipped version of the .app file in the desired capabilities and Appium will extract your app and run tests against it in an iOS Simulator.
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Travis CI Selenium testing with TestingBot

Travis CI is a continuous integration service, you can use this free service to run (Selenium) tests from your GitHub repository. It is very easy to use the TestingBot Selenium grid together with Travis CI. Below is a guide to run your Selenium tests with Travis CI. We offer TestingBot status badges to indicate your Selenium tests status on your GitHub pages.
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PhantomJS headless testing with Selenium WebDriver and TestingBot

Today we have added PhantomJS to our Linux VMs on our Selenium Grid. You can now run your WebDriver tests on PhantomJS + Ubuntu.
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