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New feature: 2 Factor Authorization

While we continue to provide the most secure and stable Selenium grid publicly available, we recently added Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as an option for all users.

Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security while logging into your account on the TestingBot website. After entering the correct username and password, and if 2FA is enabled, TestingBot will send a unique code to your cellphone via SMS and will wait for you to input the correct Two Factor Authentication code you received. You will be logged in only when you input the correct code you received on your phone.
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Free Automated Testing for Open Source Projects


We love Open-Source projects at TestingBot! Some of the components powering our service are using Open-Source projects. That's why we decided to create a custom, free plan, for running tests in open source projects.
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How to set up your own Selenium Server and test on different Firefox versions

In this article we'll show you how to set up your own Selenium Grid to run tests on various versions of Firefox. If you are new to setting up your own Selenium Grid, we recommend you first read our other blogpost: Setting up and Maintaining your own Selenium Grid.
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Selenium 3 Beta Testing with TestingBot

TestingBot provides an option for people who want to run their Selenium tests with the latest Selenium 3 beta versions!

Selenium 3 is currently still in beta, so bugs might appear when using this beta version to run tests with.

A short list of things that changed with Selenium 3:
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Opera Automated Selenium Testing and Manual Browser testing


TestingBot now supports the latest Opera versions for both Automated and Manual Browser Testing.
As Opera is regarded as the fifth most popular browser on the web, we decided that it was important to make Opera testing available for all TestingBot users.
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Android Marshmallow (6.0) Selenium Testing

marshmallow TestingBot now offers Android Marshmallow Emulators to run Automated Selenium Tests and Manual tests. These 6.0 versions are available as 'Nexus S' and 'Nexus 4' emulators, see our browsers page.
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macOS Sierra Automated and Manual testing


macOS Sierra Selenium Testing

This week, Apple introduced the OS that will replace OS X El Capitan, called macOS Sierra.
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Automated testing of Firefox, Chrome and Safari browser extensions

With Selenium Webdriver, you can run tests on Firefox, Chrome and Safari, all of them equipped with your browser extension. At TestingBot, we've made this very easy for you! All you need to do is supply a link to the extension in your desired_capabilities options of your test. Specify either the .xpi file (for Firefox), .crx file (for Chrome) or .safariextz file (for Safari).
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Safari Technology Preview: Automated Testing with WebDriver

safari for developers Safari Technology Preview provides a way to have an early look at the upcoming web technologies in OS X and iOS. Starting today, TestingBot is providing the latest Safari Technology Preview builds in its Selenium Cloud.
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TestingBot translated in German, Spanish and French

european-union-flag TestingBot is located and operated from the heart of Europe: Belgium. In Europe, we have a great mix of different languages that people speak and understand.
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