Jira Integration

Enable Jira integration to easily create Jira issues from your TestingBot member area.
This integration allows you to embed test details and assets in your Jira tickets.

Setup Jira

To get started, please go to Members > Integrations and click Jira.

You will be asked to fill in the username, password and host of your Jira Instance.

We recommend generating and using an API Token if you're using a Jira Cloud instance.

Jira Integration

Share a Test

Once the Jira configuration is completed, you can share any Automated Test from the Test Detail page.

Simply click Jira as share option.

Jira Integration

A form will appear asking you to fill in
Jira Project, Jira IssueType, Title and Description.

The description will be pre-filled with the test meta-data.

Jira Integration

Once you click Share the Jira ticket will be created in your Jira instance.