Tunnel Changelog

Version/Release date Changes
Released May 2023
  • Updated dependencies
  • Upgraded secure connection cipher
Released February 2021
  • Updated dependencies
Released February 2020
  • Updated dependencies
  • Don't poll tunnel indefinitely
  • Built with JDK8
  • Code cleanup
Released September 2019
  • Various minor fixes
  • Updated Jetty Dependencies
Released January 2019
  • Various minor fixes (timeouts, doctor checks, ..)
  • Prevent duplicate ports
Released June 2018
  • Fix NPE in ConnectHandler
Released June 2018
  • Rename jettyport option to localport
  • If started with --nocache, send to API for Manual Testing
  • Implemented upstream proxying for HTTPs via CONNECT (--proxy)
  • Updated pom.xml depndencies
  • No more hardcoded ports to listen to
Released April 2018
  • Remove incorrect Java version check
  • Remove deprecated features: --boost and --ssl
  • Add option to supply extra HTTP headers during requests
  • Add option to supply basic auth credentials for various hosts, which the tunnel will automatically use
  • Make the --nocache option clearer: Do not cache any HTTP requests
Released September 2017
  • Improved --doctor checks, check if necessary ports can be opened
  • Add support for --pac to set a PAC url (Proxy) for your test sessions
Released August 2017
  • Add --tunnel-identifier to identify different tunnels for the same account
  • Improved logging (formatting, log to file, debug levels, ...)
  • Improved handling of connection errors (re-establish connection to tunnel VM upon connection failures)
  • Added option where you can specify a local directory to be set up as a webserver, for example to test static files
  • Added an embedded statistics REST api to fetch details about the running instance, by default runs on port 8003
Released October 2016
  • Add --doctor to troubleshoot misconfigurations
  • Debugmode will now output HTTP headers