Manual Testing Apps on Real Devices

Take control over our real devices with your mouse and keyboard, straight from your own browser, without having to install any plugin or program.

Simply upload your iOS or Android app to TestingBot, pick the device you want to test on, and TestingBot will give you a live session with the real device, running your uploaded app.

Want to give it a try?

Start Live Real Device Testing

Testing Local Websites/Apps

With our TestingBot Tunnel you can easily and securily connect your local computer/network with TestingBot's Real Devices.

Known Limitations

  • Localhost testing does not work on iOS.

    Due to an iOS Restriction, it is currently not possible to run tests against http(s)://localhost with TestingBot Tunnel.
    A possible workaround would be to change the hosts file on the machine running TestingBot Tunnel, and add a custom hostname (for example mylocalwebsite and the IP address
    Then configure your tests to use http(s)://mylocalwebsite/... instead of localhost.