Using TestingBot Tunnel with Real Devices

With TestingBot tunnel, we create a secure connection between a real device running in our datacenter, and your computer and internal network.
This way, you can run tests against apps using internal (staging) APIs, from our real mobile devices. Or test websites running on your local network through Safari/Chrome running on a real device.

TestingBot Tunnel in combination with Real Devices is available for both public devices and private devices.

More information regarding our TestingBot Tunnel is available on our TestingBot Tunnel documentation page.

Known Limitations

  • Localhost testing does not work on iOS.

    Due to an iOS Restriction, it is currently not possible to run tests against http(s)://localhost with TestingBot Tunnel.

    A possible workaround would be to change the hosts file on the machine running TestingBot Tunnel, and add a custom hostname (for example mylocalwebsite and the IP address
    Then configure your tests to use http(s)://mylocalwebsite/... instead of localhost.

Security and Privacy (Advisory)

At TestingBot, we clean each device after every test. We take the utmost care to clean as much from the device as we can, to make sure your test runs without any leftover artifacts from previous tests.

However, due to the complexity of automatically cleaning different mobile device models, we cannot 100% guarantee that all data generated from a previous session is removed from our public devices.

Using our TestingBot tunnel in combination with a public device might have potential security risks.

We recommend to opt for private, dedicated devices for maximum security.
With private devices, your company will be the only one running tests on the device.