Selenium IDE FAQ

TestingBot supports importing and running Selenium IDE tests on all our browsers and devices.
Please find some questions and answers below.


  • How do I use selenium-side-runner with TestingBot?

    You can easily run your tests with selenium-side-runner, try this command for example

    selenium-side-runner --server http://key:secret@hub.testingbot.com/wd/hub -c "browserName='internet explorer' version='11.0' platform='Windows 8.1'" my-test-file.side
    This will run the test on our Grid on IE11 - the test results will appear in the TestingBot dashboard.
  • Do you support the old Selenium IDE format? What about the .SIDE format?

    We support both versions in our TestLab. You can upload the old format (in HTML format) or newly generated tests (in SIDE format).

  • Do you support control flow?

    We do not yet support control flow, like if, else, while, ...
    If you need this feature, please contact us.

  • Do you support mobile testing with Codeless Automation?

    We support running your tests on our iOS and Android simulators/emulators.
    Please consider using css selectors as much as possible, as Appium (which we use to control iOS/Android) does not support XPath selectors.