How to update my account details?

You can update your account details (email, first name, last name) by going to Members > Your Account.

In the form "Edit your account details" you can update your personal details.

Resetting Security Tokens

You can find your Security Tokens (Key + Secret) by going to Members > Your Account.
These two identifiers are necessary to authenticate to our Selenium grid.

It is possible to reset these security tokens by clicking the "Generate new keys" link.
Caution: resetting these tokens means your existing tests with older key/secret credentials will stop running.

Refresh Account

If you'd like to remove all tests from your account you can can choose to "Refresh your account".

You can refresh your account by going to Members > Your Account and clicking the "Refresh account: delete all tests" link.

Change Password

You can change your current password by logging into TestingBot and going to Members > Your Account.
Click "Change Password". You will be asked to fill in your current password and a new password.