Setting up SSO in Okta

TestingBot has created a SAML app in Okta which you can install to easily enable SSO with Okta and TestingBot.

  1. Log in to the Okta administrator panel, go to Applications and search for TestingBot in the Browse App Integration Catalog.

    Add TestingBot SAML App
  2. Click the TestingBot app to go to the detail page. Click the Add Integration button to add the TestingBot app.

    TestingBot SAML App detail page
  3. Change the name of the application to your liking, or leave it as TestingBot, then click Done.

    TestingBot SAML App settings
  4. You can now assign one or more users or groups to use the TestingBot application.

    Assign users to TestingBot SAML App
  5. Click the Sign On tab.

    Add TestingBot SAML App
  6. In the Credentials Details section, make sure that the value for Application username format is a valid email address. The default format for Okta username is an email address, unless it has been changed in the Okta Admin Console.

    Add TestingBot SAML App
  7. In the SAML Signing Certificates section, click Actions, and then View IdP metadata. Please send the metadata to TestingBot.

    Add TestingBot SAML App