Building XCUITest

To test with XCUITest on TestingBot, you will need to build and export the XCUITests you have created.
If you do not have a zip file of the XCUITest suite, you can follow the examples below.

The zip file should contain a folder similar to this:


Using XCode

  1. From the XCode schemes dropdown menu, select your app scheme and Generic iOS device as device
  2. Click Product -> Clean (Cmd+Shift+K)
  3. Click Product -> Build For -> Testing (Cmd+Shift+U)
  4. Right click the .app file using the Project Navigator, and select Show in Finder
  5. In Finder, the directory should contain a file called <AppnameUITests>-Runner.app.
    Right click and choose the compress option to generate a zip file.

Using Command Line

To build the .zip file from the command line, please follow these steps:

  1. Change to the project directory and build for testing:
    xcodebuild -scheme <scheme-name> build-for-testing
  2. Go to the DerivedData directory. To know the location of this directory, open Xcode and go to Preferences -> Locations.
  3. Now you can create the zip file. In the DerivedData directory, go to the directory containing the name of your app and some random characters.
    cd appname-random_characters
    cd Build/Products 
    cd Debug-iphoneos 
    zip --symlinks -r <MyAppUITests>.zip <AppnameUITests>-Runner.app