Visual Testing with TestingBot

Visual testing is a testing technique which aims to verify the visual aspects of a user interface (UI).

If you want to make sure that no unintended visual mistakes occur, you will need to compare the visual appearance of your website or mobile app with a golden image (commonly known as baseline image).

TestingBot makes it easy for you to run visual tests against the pages of your website, or the screens of your mobile app. You will be able to run visual tests across different browsers, OS versions and mobile devices.

Getting started with UI Testing

There are currently two options to use visual UI testing on TestingBot:

  1. Automated Visual Testing
    Integrate TestingBot's UI comparison testing directly in your existing automated test scripts.

  2. Run scheduled visual tests
    Requires no code - simply specify URLs to your website and TestingBot will regularly inspect your website for UI changes.
    You'll receive an alert when a visual regression is detected.