Real Device Cleaning Process

TestingBot automatically cleans each physical mobile device after every test session. We do this to ensure each new test starts with a clean state, without any leftover data from previous sessions.

The cleaning process we use is automated for both iOS and Android. For devices in the public device pool, each test session automatically ends with a thorough cleaning process where we delete any apps installed by the user, together with various other files and data that was generated.

If you are using a private device, there's the possibility to alter or completely disable the cleaning process. You would for example use this when you want to make sure that a specific state is kept between various test sessions.

Cleaning Process

TestingBot uses a proprietary process to clean its devices. Below are the various processes that happen when a device is being cleaned.

  • All apps that have been installed by the customer are deleted. Some applications, which are used by TestingBot to operate the device, are kept.
  • The browser history, together with any cached website data and cookies are removed.
  • AppleID sessions are removed.
  • Network settings such as WiFi and DNS configurations are reset to their default state.
  • The system locale, language and time zone are reset to their default. (English, UTC+2).
  • Any mock GPS location is reset to Brussels, Belgium.
  • Media files such as Photos, Videos and other Files are removed from the device.

TestingBot's cleaning process aims to clean as much as possible from the device. If you prefer the guarantee of a pristine device, please consider using a private mobile device.