Add a test suite

In our TestLab we offer the possibility to upload test-suites generated by Selenium IDE.

A test suite contains several test files and one test suite file, generated by Selenium IDE.
To upload the suite and its test files, please zip them together into one zip file and upload it in our TestLab.

1. Create a Test Suite

Export the tests as a Test Suite

2. Zip the test suite and its files

  • Create a ZIP file on your system which contains all the generated files.

3. Upload to TestingBot

Upload the zip file to our TestLab, we will extract the files from the zip file and generate the test suite and its test cases.

4. Run Test Suite

Once your suite is imported together with its test cases, you can immediately run the entire suite.
You can receive reporting and alerts for the entire suite, change the screen-resolution for all tests in your suites and much more.