CLI Reference

Below you can find an overview of all the various options that the TestingBot Cypress CLI provides.

Command Purpose
init This will initialize a new testingbot.json file, which contains the default configuration necessary to run tests
run Start running your tests

Start running your tests

To run your Cypress tests, please use this command, together with any of the optional arguments:

testingbot-cypress run
Argument Shorthand Argument Accepted Values Description
--config-file -cf The path to the testingbot.json config file.
By default, this will look in the current directory for a testingbot.json file.
The testingbot.json config file is used to communicate with TestingBot.
--group Accepts a string, can be any name.
For example a build identifier from your CI.
Group all these tests in the TestingBot dashboard.
Similar to our build option.
--headless Requires no arguments.
If you pass this option, TestingBot will run the Cypress tests in headless mode.
With headless mode, tests will run without a UI and may run faster.
--parallel Requires an integer, for example --parallel 5
If you pass this option, TestingBot will split up your specs and run these on separate machines.
Depending on your plan, you can run your Cypress tests in parallel on TestingBot.
This significantly cuts down the time it takes to run your full Cypress test suite.
--specs --s Accepts a comma-separated list of files, or a glob. Runs a subset of your specs.
See our Cypress Specs documentation for more information.
--env --e Accepts a comma-separated list of environment variables Sets the Cypress Environment Variables.
See our Cypress Environment Variables documentation for more information.

Stopping your tests

While the TestingBot CLI is running your tests, you may decide that you want to stop the actively running tests.
You can do this easily:

  • use CTRL+C in your terminal window
  • send a SIGHUP kill command to the CLI process