Use IP geolocation

TestingBot's GeoIP feature allows you to test your app from various parts of the world, by using IP addresses in over 20 different countries.
When you enable GeoIP, all traffic from your mobile Android app will originate from a specific IP address hosted in the country that you choose.

GeoIP example

To use GeoIP, you can specify the geoIP option when starting an Espresso test.
Please see the example below where we specify that the app should connect via Germany.

curl -u api_key:api_secret \
-X POST "https://api.testingbot.com/v1/app-automate/espresso/:id/run" \
-d '{ "espressoOptions": { "geoLocation": "DE" }, "capabilities":[{"platform":"ANDROID", "version":12, "deviceName":"Pixel 6", "platformName":"Android"}]}' \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

The DE abbreviation is the ISO code of Germany. You can find other GeoIP country codes to use.