Manual Testing

Is usage limited in terms of minutes or users?

With an upgraded plan you can use as many minutes as you like with as many friends and co-workers as you wish. There are no limits with manual browser testing.

Trial accounts can use up to 100 manual testing minutes.

What do I get with a Free Trial?

Trial accounts can use up to 100 free minutes in manual testing.

Once you open a browser in our cloud, you'll get 10 minutes of unlimited access to the browser.

With an upgraded plan, you'll enjoy unlimited minutes of manual testing, without any restrictions.

Is manual testing on TestingBot secure?

None of your data is stored in our cloud, for each test you receive a VM with a pristine environment.

VMs use up-to-date security patches and are located in a secure datacenter with firewalls.

How can I test my website on my own computer or network?

You can use TestingBot to test your staging website in our cloud.

For example: you're working on a new feature and want to make sure it looks and behaves ok in all browsers, before releasing it to the public.

With our Tunnel you can easily and securely connect your network with our cloud.

Do I need to download any software?

You do not need to download any software or plugins.

In our member area, you can pick on which browser you'd like to test. Once we've booted a Virtual Machine for you, you can control the machine from inside your browser.

You can for example control an IE9 browser located in our cloud from inside your own Chrome browser.

Which browsers and platforms do you provide for testing?

We provide the latest and most used browsers, versions and platforms.

Ranging from IE6-IE11 on Windows, to Chrome on Linux, or Safari 14 on Mac to Firefox 81 on Windows 10.

See our full list of supported browsers.

What kind of Developer Tools are pre-installed on the browsers?

All browsers have their built-in developer tools enabled by default.