Cypress Typescript Testing

TestingBot offers a service similar to Cypress Cloud, where you can run Cypress tests on multiple browsers in the cloud, simultaneously. On this page, we will focus on how to run a Cypress test, built with Typescript, on TestingBot's remote browser grid.

Setup Typescript and Cypress

TestingBot provides a ready-to-use Github example: typescript-cypress-testingbot.

To get started, create a new project and add the necessary dependencies:

  • npm init
  • npm install testingbot-cypress-cli typescript cypress --save-dev
  • Next, create a tsconfig.json file with the following contents:

      "compilerOptions": {
        "target": "es5",
        "lib": ["es5", "dom"],
        "types": ["cypress", "node"]
      "include": ["**/*.ts"]
  • Let's also create a cypress.conf.ts file (notice the .ts indicating this is a Typescript project).

    const { defineConfig } = require("cypress");
    module.exports = defineConfig({
      experimentalWebKitSupport: true,
      e2e: {
        setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
          // implement node event listeners here

Typescript Example

Now that everything is set up, we can add a first test. Create a cypress directory, which will contain 2 more directories:

  • e2e
  • support

e2e.cy.ts file

The e2e.cy.ts file in the cypress/e2e directory contains our test logic:

describe('TestingBot Demo test', () => {
  beforeEach(() => {

  it('Verify title', () => {
    cy.title().should('include', 'TestingBot')

e2e.ts file

Another file, e2e.ts, needs to be added in the cypress/support directory, containing:

// Import commands.js using ES2015 syntax:
import './commands'

commands.ts can be an empty file for now.

Run the Cypress test

There's one more thing left for us to do. We need to create a testingbot.json file, which needs to contain a couple of things for TestingBot to run your test. To create the file, execute the following command in the base directory of your project:

testingbot-cypress init

You can now edit the testingbot.json file.

    "auth": {
        "key": "TESTINGBOT_KEY",
        "secret": "TESTINGBOT_SECRET"
    "browsers": [
	        "browserName": "chrome",
	        "platform": "VENTURA",
	        "version": "latest"
    "run_settings": {
        "cypress_project_dir": ".../cypress/cypress-example-kitchensink",
        "build_name": "cypress-build",
        "npm_dependencies": {
        	"typescript": "^5.2.2"
        "package_config_options": {},
        "start_tunnel": false,
        "realTimeLogs": true,
        "parallel": 1
    "tunnel_settings": {
        "verbose": false