Mobile Testing

TestingBot currently supports iOS and Android testing on both simulators/emulators and Real Devices.

Configuring capabilities

Choose a device with the dropdown menus below.
We'll then show you example code, which you can use to run your own mobile tests on TestingBot.

1. Select a Platform
2. Select a Device


It's possible to rotate the device before and during your test. Please see these examples:

Rotate before test (iOS only):
desired_capabilities = { "orientation" : "LANDSCAPE " } # or PORTRAIT

Rotate during test:
((AppiumDriver) driver).rotate(ScreenOrientation.LANDSCAPE);

Testing Internal/Staged Websites

We've built TestingBot Tunnel, to provide you with a secure way to run tests against your staged/internal webapps.
Please see our TestingBot Tunnel documentation for more information about this easy to use tunneling solution.