Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions and answers that may help you with setting up or troubleshooting TestingBot Tunnel.

How do I use the tunnel with manual (live) testing?

When you, or a team member, starts a TestingBot tunnel, all future manual tests will automatically use the latest active tunnel.

Whether you do a live test on a Desktop VM, a sim/emu device or a physical device, the tunnel will automatically be used.

My Mobile App uses Certificate Pinning. How can I add the TestingBot Tunnel CA certificate?

All our VMs and mobile devices trust a TestingBot CA certificate that we generated. You can download this CA certificate and add it to your app.

By default, TestingBot tunnel will bump all SSL traffic to use the TestingBot CA certificate. We do this to prevent issues with self-signed certificates.

If you do not wish to use this SSL bumping, you can pass noSSLBump: true as a capability.

How many TestingBot Tunnels can I keep open simultaneously?

The maximum amount of simultaneous tunnels depends on the license your account has. By default, you can run up to 2 tunnels simultaneously.

Can I use localhost with the tunnel?

You can use localhost on all our Desktop VMs while using TestingBot Tunnel. On physical mobile devices and simulators/emulators, you can not use localhost.

To test on mobile devices, please define a local domain name rather than localhost ( You can define a local domain in your hosts file (/etc/hosts) on the machine where the TestingBot Tunnel program is running.

For example, you can add mywebsite to your /etc/hosts file, then use http://mywebsite in your tests.

How can I improve the performance of the tunnel?

You can use the -F,--fast-fail-regexps option when starting the tunnel to specify a list of domains that should not be proxied at all.

You can fast-fail trackers, ads and other resources that have no impact on your test or its results. This will decrease the amount of HTTP(s) requests that need to be proxied by TestingBot Tunnel.

Can I run tests on Virtual Devices and Real Devices using the same TestingBot Tunnel?

You can use the same instance of a tunnel for both virtual devices and real devices.