Debugging Tests

TestingBot provides a range of features that will help you with detecting, debugging and fixing of bugs in your Automated Tests.
The type of bugs that your Automated Tests may contain include:

  • Incorrect selector: you are trying to find an element on the page that is no longer there, or has changed its className, id or xPath
  • Missing/Incorrect wait condition: you need to wait for an element to appear, or are using the wrong wait approach
  • Timeouts: perhaps you forgot to close the session at the end of your test (driver.quit)
  • Other bugs: various other bugs that might affect your test quality

TestingBot provides various tools to help you with these problems:

  • Interactive Session: interact with the VM or device while your test is running
  • Video: see a video recording of your test
  • Logs: a collection of logs is available for each test, including .HAR files.

Interactive Session