Why Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO provides a secure way to authenticate users in your organization to 3rd parties (like TestingBot).

To start using SSO, please make sure you have an IdP (Identity Provider) set up.
With TestingBot SSO, you can use any kind of IdP (Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, ...)

Enable SSO

Single Sign On is available to Enterprise accounts.

Please contact us to have us set this up for you.
To have a working SSO, we require either the IdP SAML Metadata File or the following details from you:

  • SHA256 Fingerprint of your certificate
  • IdP Entity Id
  • IdP SSO Target URL

We will set up the Single Sign On connection and contact you with information on how to use this.

Our SAML Metadata file: https://testingbot.com/users/saml/metadata

SSO Options

We provide the following options with Single Sign On:

Just-In-Time Provisioning

If a user from your company logs in through SSO, we can automatically create an account for this user on TestingBot, associated to your team.

If this setting is disabled, users that are not yet registered with TestingBot will not be able to use TestingBot.

Require SSO

If this setting is enabled, users in your organization must log in through SSO.
Logging in via our website will not be allowed.