Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a Chrome addon / Firefox addon which you can install to record and run browser tests.
Once you've installed the plugin, you can record an entire flow from your own browser.
You can record every interaction you do on a website and add assertions in your test.

What can Selenium IDE do for me?

Here's one example: you can record yourself clicking through various pages on your website.
During this recording, you can right click various elements and indicate that these need to be present, or contain a specific value.

Selenium IDE screenshot

Once you've finished this recording, you can choose to instantly playback the recording.
The IDE will mimick your recorded behavior together with the assertions you've recorded.

TestingBot integration with Selenium IDE

When you finished recording a test, you can choose to save the test from the Selenium IDE.
The saved file (with a .side extension) can be uploaded into our TestLab.

In our TestLab, you can indicate on which browsers and platforms the test needs to run.
You can schedule tests and indicate if you would like to be alerted when a test fails.

Advanced: Selenium SIDE runner with TestingBot

It's possible to run tests recorded with Selenium IDE via the selenium-side-runner commandline program on TestingBot.

Simply save a recorded test as a .side file and run it like this:

npm install -g selenium-side-runner
selenium-side-runner --server https://key:secret@hub.testingbot.com/wd/hub -c "browserName=chrome platform=WIN10 version=latest" *.side