Selenium builder plugin

Selenium builder is a Firefox add-on, similar to Selenium IDE which lets you record and playback Selenium tests. The main difference between Selenium builder and Selenium IDE is that Selenium builder supports WebDriver testing.

We've created a TestingBot plugin for Selenium Builder which makes it easy to run tests recorded with Selenium Builder on TestingBot!
Run the test on multiple browsers in parallel without having to set up anything

Installing and using the plugin

  1. Install Selenium builder addon in FireFox.
  2. Launch the addon in firefox
  3. In Selenium Builder, click "Manage Plugins"
  4. Install the TestingBot Plugin & restart Selenium Builder
  5. Enter "https://testingbot.com" in the input field below "Start recording at".
  6. Depending on the type of test you want to record click selenium 1 or selenium 2
    We recommend selenium 2 since Selenium 1 is deprecated so we'll continue with selenium 2
  7. Once you clicked Selenium 2, wait for the browser to open "https://testingbot.com"
  8. Now we'll record a verification, click "Record a verification".
    Select the "Online Selenium Testing" title on the TestingBot home page.
  9. Click the "Stop Recording" button, we will now run this test on TestingBot!
  10. Select "Run on TestingBot" from the "Run" menu.
  11. Enter your key and secret which you received after signing up with TestingBot
  12. Select a browser/platform and click "OK", your test will run on TestingBot and you will see the test results in your Member area.