Puppeteer Test Report

After running a Puppeteer test on TestingBot, you can see the test result in the TestingBot Dashboard overview.
You can click each test to see a detailed overview for each specific test.

By default, a Puppeteer test runs in headless mode, so no video will be available.
You can change this by enabling video recording.

The Puppeteer Dashboard

The dashboard contains an overview of all your previous test runs, together with some meta-data:

  • Test Name: you can pass this name via our REST API.
  • Pass/Failure state: you can indicate whether this test passed or failed.
  • Browser/Device: the browser or device that was used by the test. TestingBot provides more than 100 different browser/OS combinations.
  • Start Date: when we received the call to start your test.
  • Test Duration: how long it took for your test to run. This is the actual run time, potential queueing time is not included.

Single Puppeteer Test Detail Page

For each test, we have a test detail page, which shows an overview of all the data we have:

  • Test Name
  • session details of the test
  • the pass/failure state, if you used our REST API
  • the browser/device that was used by the test
  • the date when the test started
  • how long the test took to run
  • logs for the test
  • a video recording of the test (if the test ran with recording enabled)
  • the user who started the test in your team

Viewing results without the dashboard

You can share, embed and link to builds or individual tests without having to visit the dashboard.
This is useful when you want to create your own reporting.