Debugging Tests

TestingBot provides a range of features that will help you with detecting, debugging and fixing of bugs in your Automated Tests.
The type of bugs that your Automated Tests may contain include:

  • Incorrect selector: you are trying to find an element on the page that is no longer there, or has changed its className, id or xPath
  • Missing/Incorrect wait condition: you need to wait for an element to appear, or are using the wrong wait approach
  • Timeouts: perhaps you forgot to close the session at the end of your test (driver.quit)
  • Other bugs: various other bugs that might affect your test quality

TestingBot provides various tools to help you with these problems:

  • Interactive Session: interact with the VM or device while your test is running
  • Video: see a video recording of your test
  • Logs: a collection of logs is available for each test, including .HAR files.

Interactive Session

Our interactive session feature allows you to pause a running Selenium or Appium script, and inspect the remote browser or app with the included Developer Tools.
Simply click the Pause Test button on the test page while the test is running and you will be navigated to a remote session.

You can now use your mouse and keyboard to debug potential issues.

Video Recording

Every test that runs on TestingBot comes with a recorded video of the test session.

The video is available in our member area, where you navigate to a test detail page.
You can also fetch the video, together with other details, through the TestingBot REST API.

Log Files

For every test that runs on TestingBot, we collect logs generated by the test session.
These logs can be useful for pinpointing certain issues with your tests.

Log files are available on the test detail pages.
You can also fetch the logs, together with other details, through the TestingBot REST API.