Cypress Geolocation Testing

TestingBot provides Cypress testing in the cloud. Together with TestingBot's IP GeoLocation feature, you are able to run Cypress tests from various countries around the world.

The advantages of using geolocation testing with Cypress testing is that you can verify various scenarios in your tests, such as:

  • Test translated webpages
  • Verify localized pricing: different currencies
  • Test speed from various locations around the world

We currently support the following geolocations for Cypress testing:

  • '*': this will take a random country from the list below
  • 'AU': Australia
  • 'BH': Bahrain
  • 'BE': Belgium
  • 'BR': Brazil
  • 'CN': China
  • 'CO': Colombia
  • 'EG': Egypt
  • 'FR': France
  • 'DE': Germany
  • 'IN': India
  • 'IT': Italy
  • 'JP': Japan
  • 'SG': Singapore
  • 'ZA': South Africa
  • 'ES': Spain
  • 'SE': Sweden
  • 'AE': United Arab Emirates
  • 'GB': United Kingdom
  • 'US': United States

Code Example

You can specify the ISO code of the geolocation in the testingbot.json file, as a capability:

  	"browsers": [
            "browserName": "chrome",
            "platform": "WIN10",
            "version": "latest",
            "testingbot.geoCountryCode": "DE"