BDD with Python, Behave and WebDriver

Behave is a Python BDD plugin which makes it easy to write tests in a natural language style.
To get started, make sure you have installed Behave:

$ sudo pip install behave

You are now ready to create your first story and run it on our Selenium grid.
Run the test with:

$ behave

Example feature (features/google.feature)

Feature: testing google

  Scenario: visit google and check
     When we visit google
     Then it should have a title "Google"

Example steps (features/steps/

@when('we visit google')
def step(context):

@then('it should have a title "Google"')
def step(context):
   assert context.browser.title == "Google"

Example features/

from selenium import webdriver

def before_all(context):
    desired_capabilities = webdriver.DesiredCapabilities.FIREFOX
    desired_capabilities['version'] = '45'
    desired_capabilities['platform'] = 'WINDOWS'
    desired_capabilities['name'] = 'Testing Selenium 2 with Behave'
    desired_capabilities['client_key'] = 'key'
    desired_capabilities['client_secret'] = 'secret'

    context.browser = webdriver.Remote(

def after_all(context):

Besides Behave support we have documentation for Lettuce and PyUnit:

When writing tests with Python, it might be convenient to consult the Python Selenium docs.