GeoIP Testing

Our tunnel has built-in support to do GeoIP testing (Localized Testing).

You can test your website from various locations around the world, by utilizing HTTP proxies.

Please see the examples below on how to test your website (automated or live testing) from various locations in the world.

Why GeoIP Testing?

Why would you want to utilize GeoIP testing, either Automated or Live GeoIP testing:

  • You want to test if your GDPR flow is correctly working (EU IPs)
  • Certain parts of your product are different in certain countries, or only available in certain countries.
  • Verify if your website is up and running in different countries.

Bright Data

Bright Data operates one of the largest proxy networks and has IPs in every country in the world.

To integrate Bright Data with TestingBot testing, simply sign up for an account at Bright Data.
Then choose a proxy you would like to use from the Bright Data website.

You will receive a proxy IP address and a username and password that comes with the proxy.

Setting up TestingBot Tunnel

Download our tunnel and start it with the following options:

java -jar testingbot-tunnel.jar --tunnel-identifier proxyTest --proxy proxyIp:proxyPort \
--proxy-userpwd proxyUsername:proxyPassword

Once the tunnel is up and running, you can immediately go to our Live Testing Page to start testing via the proxy IP address you specified.

For automated testing, you need to configure your tests to add a tunnelIdentifier capability to your desired capabilties.

More Information

  • Our tunnel will proxy both HTTP and HTTPs URLs to the upstream proxy (the GeoIP proxy address).
  • It is not possible to combine GeoIP testing with localhost/local IP testing.