Tunnel Commandline Reference

The tunnel requires both a TestingBot Key and TestingBot Secret being passed via the commandline, except in the following cases:

  • If you have a .testingbot file located in your $HOME directory, then the tunnel will fetch the key and secret from this file.
  • If you pass the following environment variables with valid key/secret:
-a,--auth <host:port:user:passwd> Performs Basic Authentication for specific hosts, only works with HTTP.
-d,--debug Enables debug messages. Will output request/response headers.
-dns,--dns Use a custom DNS server. For example:
--doctor Perform sanity/health checks to detect possible misconfiguration or problems.
--extra-headers <JSON Map with Header Key and Value> Inject extra headers in the requests the tunnel makes.
-f,--readyfile <FILE> This file will be touched when the tunnel is ready for usage
-F,--fast-fail-regexps <OPTIONS> Specify domains you don't want to proxy, comma separated.
-h,--help Displays help text
-i,--tunnel-identifier <id> Add an identifier to this tunnel connection.
In case of multiple tunnels, specify this identifier in your desired capabilities to use this specific tunnel.
-j,--localproxy <port> The port to launch the local proxy on (default 8087).
-l,--logfile <FILE> Write logging to a file.
--metrics-port <port> Use the specified port to access metrics. Default port 8003
-P,--se-port <PORT> The local port your Selenium test should connect to. Default port is 4445
-p,--hubport <HUBPORT> Use this if you want to connect to port 80 on our hub instead of the default port 4444
--pac <arg> Proxy autoconfiguration. Should be a http(s) URL
-q,--nocache Bypass our Caching Proxy running on our tunnel VM.
-v,--version Displays the current version of the Tunnel
-w,--web <directory> Point to a directory for testing. Creates a local webserver.
-x,--noproxy Do not start a local proxy (requires user provided proxy server on port 8087)
-Y,--proxy <PROXYHOST:PROXYPORT> Specify an upstream proxy.
-z,--proxy-userpwd <user:pwd> Username and password required to access the proxy configured with --proxy.