Javascript unit testing with Karma

We've prepared an example with full TestingBot integration which is easy to set up and run.
With our integrated karma-testingbot-launcher, you can easily run tests with Karma on TestingBot.
Our launcher will automatically start/stop a tunnel and report back the test results to us.

Installing the example

Make sure you've got Git and NodeJS installed.
Then proceed to clone our karma-testingbot-example with the follow commands:

git clone https://github.com/testingbot/karma-testingbot-example.git
cd karma-testingbot-example

Once thats installed please run the follow command to set up the example

sudo npm install -g karma-cli && npm install

Run Karma test with our karma-testingbot-launcher plugin

In the example's directory, you'll find a file karma.conf-testingbot.js which contains a "customLaunchers" variable with multiple browsers defined. This is the place where you specify on which browsers you want your test to run.

To actually run the test on testingbot we first need to specify the testingbot key and testingbot secret environment variables which you can find in our member area


Now you are ready to run the test on TestingBot
To start the test run the following command

karma start karma.conf-testingbot.js

This will download and start our TestingBot Tunnel, run your test and report back the result.