Browser and OS versions available for Playwright testing

The TestingBot browser grid consists of +100 browser and OS combinations compatible with Playwright testing.

We currently support these browser vendors with Playwright testing:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari (WebKit)

Specifying browser combination

To indicate on which browser you want your Playwright test to run, please use the following parameters as a browserWSEndpoint value.

  • browserName
  • browserVersion
  • platform
Capability Description Possible Values:
browserName The name of the browser chrome and edge
browserVersion The version of the browser
  • Chrome: 72 and above
  • Edge: 80 and above
  • Firefox: 110 and above
  • Safari: will use the latest WebKit version bundled with Playwright

You can use latest, latest-1, latest-{x} to test on the latest versions of the browser.

platform The Operating System where the test will run
  • Windows: WIN10

There was no release for version 82 of Chrome and Edge, so please do not specify this version.