Frequently asked questions

How does your system work

We use the latest open-source selenium grid which we have tweaked for speed and simplicity
Weve built our own cloud every test runs on a pristine virtual machine after the test is completed the virtual machine is destroyed

How are costs calculated how much will you charge me

You start of with an account that has free minutes available to test-drive our infrastructure
Every time you run a test we will calculate how long you've used one of our servers for a test
We subtract the time it took to finish the test from the time you have left
You only pay from the moment you start the test until you've finished it

Something is wrong my test does not seem to be executed on your system

Sorry to hear you are exeperiencing a problem with our service
We log all errors on our side and will make sure it does not happen again
You will never be billed for errors on our side

I don't see any screenshots of the test I just finished

It can take up to 5 minutes before you will see screenshots of your test
After your test has finished we need to process and upload the images

My test fails with an error saying it could not find the browser operating system

If you receive an capabilitynotpresentonthegridexception or an error telling you the browser is not found on our grid then please make sure you are requesting a browser+ version we offer on our grid.

See the list of Available browsers.